Bellacrete Gesso

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Brand Ragno
Application: Flooring, Wall Tile, Residential, Commercial
Category: Field Tile
Color Name: Gesso
Color Tones: Whites / Creams, Greys / Blacks
Material: Glazed Porcelain
Shade Range: High
Width: 6 "
Length: 24 "

Bellacrete by Ragno reimages the appeal of aged frescoes with the textural interest and multi-layered colorations found on ancient plastered walls. Aged concrete faces showcase three bold shade ranges accented with visual effects such as staining, metallic sheen and frescoes. The realism of sumptuous color in extensive ranges of white, gray, and black allows effortless, realistic blends well suited for home, hospitality, retail and mainstreet environments. Exciting vertical and/or horizontal installations lend a deft touch of the past while creating modern environments with strong character.

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